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Alpha Solutions Wellness Building

Medical Office Leasing & Timeshare Opportunities

Market Interest Survey

Alpha Solutions is looking for independent practitioners who are interested in traditional leases or timeshare opportunities in the proposed Alpha Solutions Wellness Building to be built on the Warrick Trail in Newburgh, Indiana


At Alpha Solutions, we believe that southwestern Indiana is due for a beautiful medical plaza to be built for independent physicians. A medical plaza that caters to all aspects of patient care including mental health, physical activity, traditional healthcare and ancillary services such as imaging, pharmaceutical and lab services. We have worked with local architects and commercial real estate agents to locate a medical TIF property on the Wellness Trail in Newburgh, Indiana.

A Wellness Building

Our ideal medical plaza is much more than your typical building for physicians. We are soliciting renters for all aspects of a patient’s health and well-being including weight-loss & nutrition, group classes, physical therapy, a healthy cafe, mental health services, dental & eyecare, spa services and more. We believe that taking care of a patient involves a network of wellness services and we would like to bring all of these services under one roof.

A New Approach to Renting

We recognize that the traditional approach to medical office leasing is to rent a space of approximately 2,000 or more square feet and then deal with all of the overhead and staffing costs. We want to drastically reduce your overhead costs to make it affordable to start your own practice, make your practice more financially profitable or to open a new location.

We propose two rental options to reduce your overhead expenses. The first is a timeshare option where you rent an exam room in half-day increments. You pay only for the days and times that you need and your schedule can be changed as needed. The second is a standard leasing option but with the size of the suite determined by your needs and not an arbitrary minimum rental size. Finally, we want to encourage as many different specialties and services under one roof, so once your specialty is reserved by a practice, we will no longer accept additional tenants for that specialty or service.

Timeshare Opportunities

Reduce overhead expenses and pay for only the time you use with a medical office timeshare. Our mission is to provide an affordable solution for practitioners to see patients and to emphasize a referral network of independent practitioners. All specialties are welcome!

Leasing Opportunities

Standard leasing opportunities are available on the first & third floor for offices not interested in a timeshare rental.

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