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Medical Timeshare Opportunities

Alpha Solutions is looking for independent practitioners who are interested in timeshare opportunities in the proposed Alpha Solutions Wellness Building to be built on the Warrick Trail in Newburgh, Indiana

Medical timeshares are not new, but they are gaining traction across the country as an affordable alternative for practitioners to remain independent. We understand that changing government regulations, compliance requirements and shrinking reimbursement caused many practitioners to join the local hospitals. We want to offer an affordable solution to practice medicine while providing the support you need to run your practice while remaining independent. We also encourage larger practices to utilize our timeshare model to add an additional practice location for their patients.

The Timeshare Model

In our timeshare model, practitioners will rent exam rooms in half-day increments a minimum of once every two weeks. Practitioners can choose between renting 1 to 3 exam rooms and will have use of a physician’s office and a nursing station. Procedure rooms can be rented by the hour if needed and Kareo EMR will be provided at no additional charge. As part of the timeshare agreement, front desk services will be provided by Alpha Solutions with appointments scheduled through the Kareo Practice Management software. This software allows practitioners to be fully MIPS compliant while encouraging online appointment scheduling, automated appointment reminders, a patient portal for patients to view their health records, and encourages patients to leave reviews for their physician after the appointment. In addition to the services listed above, timeshare tenants will have furnished exam rooms with computers and a cabinet that locks for medical equipment and supplies for their personal use. Alpha Solutions can serve as your call center by scheduling appointments and sending your staff clinical messages. Finally, Alpha Solutions will be proactively marketing the wellness building. Timeshare tenants will be listed on the company website and most marketing materials. Additional services can be purchased from Alpha Solutions including billing services, practice management, and clinical staff usage.

Benefits of a Medical Office Timeshare

Front Desk Personnel

Utilize the Alpha Solutions staff to check your patients in, verify insurance, have forms and consents signed & to schedule follow-up appointments. Don’t worry about custom forms or using a different EMR, we will work with your practice to be consistent in record-keeping and to send all custom documents back to your clinical staff for review.

Online Scheduling

Our online marketing will encourage patients to schedule appointments using your pre-defined scheduling template. This is one more way our marketing efforts will benefit your practice.

Furnished Exam Rooms

Exam rooms are furnished with additional storage locations for locking your personal supplies and medical equipment. Computer equipment is supplied with the Kareo EMR downloaded onto your PC. Don’t worry about using a different EMR, as a new connection can be setup on your PC to remote into your primary practice pc or you can bring a personal laptop with your EMR downloaded.

Promoting Multidisciplinary Collaboration

We want to redesign the transition of care between providers.

Imagine a multi-disciplinary setting where patients are encouraged to see multiple practitioners on the same visit. We are redesigning the transition of care between physicians to take minutes not weeks or months. When a patient schedules an appointment with their primary care physician for a specific problem, we will encourage that appointment to be scheduled at the same time a specialist in the field is present. If the patient and provider agree that the specialist is the right choice for them, then the specialist will be consulted with the new referral and encouraged to briefly see the patient. Using the same work-up from the PCP, the specialist can treat the patient, order additional tests, or schedule a follow-up to explore the condition more thoroughly. When practitioners have an easy way to collaborate, everyone benefits!

Timeshare Opportunities

We are looking for independent practitioners in all specialties!

Although the final cost of the timeshare rental will be determined by the build out costs, we anticipate the timeshare rentals to range in price from $200 – $400 per exam room per half day depending on the number of rooms rented in a two-week period. We also anticipate even lower pricing for full-time renters. With this rental fee, you will be saving extensively on marketing, front desk personnel, phone triage personnel, EMR costs, hardware costs, utilities, and medical equipment and will only pay for the time that you need. Contact us today if the timeshare option is a good fit for your practice. We want this opportunity for Southwestern Indiana and need your help to make it a reality!

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