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Medical Practice Management

We provide part-time practice management services to small medical offices. Enjoy experienced oversight at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full-time.

Medical Practice Management

A small medical office has unique needs that can make it difficult for a physician to manage his or her office while seeing patients and cost-prohibitive to hire a full-time manager. Outsourcing the practice management functions allows the provider to utilize his or her time more effectively by using an Alpha Solutions Manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house candidate full-time.

Small Office Medical Practice Management

A practice manager for a small medical office wears many hats and it is hard to find the right candidate who can expertly fill your marketing, HR, compliance, bookkeeping, and oversight needs. Which is just to name a few. We handle whatever issue your practice needs except we have a creative solution for handling these issues. We utilize a mix of on-site assistance of approximately 8 – 16 hours a week with one designated Alpha Solutions Consultant and then resolve the remaining issues off-site with various staff members who are trained in that area of expertise. For example, marketing, bookkeeping, payroll and handling vendor issues can be handled off-site whereas workflow issues, compliance training, oversight and HR issues can be handled on-site.

Pricing & Services

We price our medical practice management contracts to be paid monthly at rates ranging from $1,400/month for an average of 8 hours on-site per week up to $2,800/month for an average of 16 hours on-site per week with a not to exceed clause.

Practice Management pricing is limited to personnel fees only. Any additional fees incurred by marketing vendors, accountants, Quickbooks, etc. would be paid for by the practice. The exception to this is that if you sign up for 12+ hours of on-site work per week we will pay your Quickbooks payroll costs.

  • MIPS Compliance
  • Staff Compliance training from Eagle Associates
  • Bookkeeping, payroll & staff time logging utilizing Quickbooks
  • Workflow review and adaption
  • Appointment optimization and patient recalls
  • Patient forms review and creation
  • Ongoing insurance credentialing & CAQH updates
  • Marketing needs through website design, Google, Facebook and others as needed
  • Human resources including recruiting new staff, documenting infractions and terminations if needed
  • Onboarding and training new staff
  • Vendor and referring physician relations
  • Event planning for luncheons, seminars or holiday parties.

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