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Medical Billing

Transform your revenue cycle with our medical billing services.

Medical Billing

Transform your revenue cycle with our medical billing services. Our out-sourced medical billing speeds up reimbursement and saves your practice time and money. We scrub your claims, post payments, send statements, work denials and appeals, review accounts receivables, review monthly reports with your practice and work with the collection agency to resolve past-due balances. With Alpha Solutions Medical Billing & Consulting, you can concentrate on what you do best which is provide exemplary care to your patients.

Training & Support

The key to a good billing company is giving you the keys to be successful. That’s why we work with front desk staff, clinical staff & physicians to ensure that all parties are documenting their services correctly and capturing all of the charges afforded to them. We provide local face-to-face training for your staff so that you always have a contact person that you can rely on and see on a regular basis. Our staff becomes an extension of your office and we strive to give both patients and your staff world class service on every situation.

Medical Billing Cost

Every practice and contract is different and is tailored around the needs of the practice. We generally structure contracts to be a percentage of your gross revenue minus any cash-based services where you collect at the time of service.

We can also customize our billing responsibilities to suit your needs. For example, we customize our contracts to reduce our fees for optometrists who bill out their own vision claims. Frequently optometrists only need our services for the medical claims, payment posting & follow-up and we reduce the fees that they pay accordingly.

  • Billing rates are generally structured from 4% – 7%
  • Average monthly receipts of $30,000 generally equates to a 6% rate
  • Average monthly receipts of $100,000 generally equates to a 4% rate
  • You won’t be charged for pre-defined cash based services.
  • Optometric medical billing or other similar specialties can be customized to carve out certain aspects from fee calculations such as contact lenses and glasses.
Why use an outsourced medical billing company?

Staff turn-over, lack of training for your staff, lack of time for staff to dedicate to problems & an increasing accounts receivable are the most common reasons practices switch from an in-house biller to an outsourced medical billing company.

What is the true cost of using Alpha Solutions for medical billing?

We pride ourselves in finding ways for your practice to increase your payments to charges percentage. When you earn more money each month doing the same amount of work, then we tend to be cost-neutral to your practice or below the cost of hiring an in-house biller. We accomplish this by ensuring that you are coding for all services that are warranted and actively working denials and aging.

What training or oversight is included in the billing contract?

We work with front desk staff to ensure that insurance information is recorded correctly, financial documents are signed and copays and balances are collected & entered properly. We work with clinical staff to ensure that their services such as venipunctures, injections, and other services are all being recorded and documented correctly. We supply LCD coverage determinations so that your staff & physicians will know if a procedure will be covered based on the diagnosis or if an ABN is needed. We provide your office with preventive services information so that you are aware of what additional services are offered to each patient. We review fee schedules and update you to coding changes applicable to your practice. We review financial reports with your practice regularly. We also verify that there are no missing charges from incomplete notes or missing codes when we scrub your claims. Ultimately, we understand where a practice could lose revenue unintentionally and we monitor all aspects of your billing side.

I already use an outsourced biller provided by my EMR, is it worth switching?

We recognize that EMR companies providing billing services at below-industry pricing or include free EMR packages as part of the billing contract. Most practices that we speak with have lack-luster service provided or new billers several times a year. We pride ourselves in providing local support to practices so that they can see and know their biller. We believe that regular face-to-face meetings are essential to providing world class service and providing the necessary support to your practice. We also firmly believe that it is not the cost of the biller, but how much revenue that biller makes for your practice. We will routinely take over billing clients and earn that practice several thousand more each month for a practice routinely earning $30,000/month. When you look at total revenue earned minus expenses, we are almost always the cheapest option.

Medical Billing System

Most practices have a practice management (PM) system to schedule their appointments and many use the same system as their EMR to document the clinical record. We are happy to utilize your system or we can use our Kareo practice management system for billing your claims. If you do not have an EMR or would like to switch EMRs, then Kareo has an EMR add-on option for as low as $110/provider/month.

Benefits of using your PM system:

  • All users are using one system to document patient information & claims related data
  • Real-time access is shared by all parties
  • No need to double-enter patient info into another system
  • Alpha Solutions will pay your clearinghouse fees and patient statement fees

Downside of using your PM system:

  • You are responsible for paying for a license (if needed) for our staff to access your system.
  • Reporting is only as good as what is offered by your PM system.
  • Billing options are limited by what your PM system offers, such as card on file option and texting patient statements.
  • Benefits of using our Kareo PM system:
  • Kareo PM is free for your staff to use and all expenses for the PM system is paid for by Alpha Solutions.
  • Your staff can utilize the full functionality of Kareo PM (if needed) including the appointment scheduling features and encounter forms feature.
  • Patient credit card payments can be processed through Kareo and a credit card can be kept on file for payment arrangement agreements.
  • Patients with emails on file will get a text prompting a payment and also a physical statement with a pay online feature.
  • Kareo financial reporting and billing features are excellent allowing our staff to easily work your system and track the status of claims
  • There is no special hardware, server, or IT fees needed to set up a connection
  • The provider has full access to reports and financial data at any given time.
  • The Kareo EMR system can be added for $110/provider/month & is MIPS compliant
  • The Kareo Connect feature can be added for an additional $110/provider/month which allows patients to schedule appointments online, leave reviews online and also sends out appointment reminders.

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