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Medical Consulting

Consulting services for workflow, marketing, MIPS, practice management and more.

Medical Consulting

The main focus of our consultants is to maximize your profit. Our consultants understand your practice needs and will review your practice workflow to find solutions that are affordable. Medical consulting topics range from MIPS to workflow strategies to conducting a billing and financial analysis to ensure that you are maximizing your revenue while decreasing operational costs.

Creating a strategy

We understand your day-to day operational needs and will develop the best solution for your practice to increase your bottom line. Our strategies include:

  1. Increase patient volume through marketing
    • Develop patient recalls for annual visits or for patients with no upcoming appointments
    • Create a company website and social media site and encourage online appointment creation
    • Utilize a method for encouraging provider reviews through Google or other websites
    • Develop an advertising budget for Google, Facebook, etc.
    • Develop relationships with referring providers and with providers that refer to you
    • Participate in community events
  2. Increase patient volume through workflow changes
    • Utilize a scheduling template to determine if all appointments are being filled
    • Don’t allow front desk staff or clinical staff to “fix” the schedule to make it a lighter load
    • Use patient recall lists to fill appointment slots or cancelled appointments
    • Review EMR workflow to find templates and process changes to simplify the data entry tasks
    • Review staff workflow to reduce the physical steps each staff member makes and move supplies & equipment to streamline the process
    • Review staff workflow to determine if the provider’s needs are being met and suggest methods for streamlining the work that the clinical staff undertakes
    • Utilize methods such as the patient portal to minimize patient phone calls for routine communication on prescription refills, lab & imaging results, outgoing referral status, etc.
  3. Optimize your revenue by conducting a billing analysis & review the latest coding updates
    • Allow Alpha Solutions to conduct a billing analysis to verify your fee schedule pricing, review reimbursement amounts, determine if services are being written-off when they should be appealed, and to review aging against industry norms
    • Identify if all reasonable services are being conducted and billed by staying on top of the latest coding changes
    • Review documentation standards for your services to ensure that you are compliant against medical reviews.
    • Conduct MIPS training to either maximize your Medicare bonus or determine the least painful way to avoid MIPS penalties for your practice
  4. Decrease operational expenses
    • We understand industry norm pricing for certain products such as EMR, patient education materials, appointment reminders, bookkeepers, payroll processing, etc. We ensure that you are paying fair-market value for the services that you are receiving
    • We can fill the needs of many of your vendors at a fraction of the cost. Utilize Alpha Solutions for your small office practice management needs to reduce your fees

Medical Consulting Pricing

Consulting services are always included in our practice management agreements, but if you need consulting on an hourly basis then we charge $125/hour for on-site work and $75/hour for remote work. Travel charges may apply and block time can be purchased for a reduced fee.

Alpha Solutions Medical Billing & Consulting can help create strategies for your practice in the following areas:

  • MIPS consulting with strategies for easy implementation
  • Billing analysis with strategies for revenue maximization
  • Workflow analysis with strategies to increase patient volume
  • Marketing analysis with strategies to increase patient volume
  • Financial analysis with strategies to decrease operational expenses

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