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Alpha Solutions Wellness Building Interest Form

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The Alpha Solutions Wellness Building wants to discourage tenants from competing against each other. During our market interest survey period we are requesting all interested renters complete the following form. Submitting this form is completely free and does not commit you to a leasing agreement. When the project is determined to be viable, we will contact the first applicant for each specialty or service to determine if they would like to move forward. In order to claim your spot for the specialty or service, a contract with pricing will be developed and a $500 non-refundable application fee will be required. If you decide not to move forward at that time, then the opportunity will go to the next applicant on the wait list. We encourage all interested parties to submit the interest form to put your name on the list.

Sign your name in the following field to indicate that by completing this form you are indicating your interest in renting space in the Alpha Solutions Wellness Building. At the time the project is determined to be viable, a $500 application fee will be due and a contract based on your needs will be created. Failure to pay the application fee or sign a contract will terminate your interest in the Wellness Building and the spot for your specialty or service will go to the next practice on the wait-list.